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Dodge County Hospital

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Registration, Admissions, and Financial Counseling

Your Registration Experience

Registration and Admissions is open around the clock. Upon arrival to Dodge County Hospital, please follow the instructions given by your physician’s office directing you where to report. You may be asked to report directly to a specific room at our hospital. Or, you may be asked to report to the Same Day Surgery or Emergency Room Admissions Department. Our admissions team will register you for your stay. Please have your photo identification and insurance cards available.


In order to expedite the registration process upon arrival you may fill out and print the following forms and present them at the front desk at checkin.


English Español
Conditions of Admissions Condiciones para Admision
Patient Release of Location Information La Forma de Liberación de Información del Paciente
Patient Rights Derechos del Paciente
Medicare Rights  
Consent for Release of Medical Information  
Admitting Information  
Advance Directive & Acknowledgement  
Georgia Advance Directive for Healthcare  
Summary of Notice Privacy Practices
Poverty Table



Please notify your physician or a nurse about any prescription medications you are currently taking. Your physician will prescribe the medications you will need during your hospital stay.

Patient I.D.

A patient identification bracelet containing your name and patient number will be placed around your wrist when you are admitted and should remain there until you are discharged.


We discourage you from bringing valuables such as jewelry, watches, money and credit cards with you to the hospital. If you do bring them, the admissions staff or your nurse can arrange to place them in the hospital safe. We will give you a receipt for your items, and you may claim them when you are discharged. Dodge County Hospital cannot assume responsibility for the loss of any valuables not placed in our safe or for loss of personal property brought into the hospital.

Another facet of this department is Financial Counseling. A patient financial counselor handles patient accounts such as insurance questions, payment arrangements, and indigent care applications. If you have questions you may call 478-448-4063.