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Updated on 3/2/2022

We are pleased to announce the reopening of our doors to the public.

Beginning March 2, 2022, we will allow visitors to come and go within the hospital. - All visitors and patients will still need to be screened, and given a sticker.
- Visitors do not have to get a badge.
- Dietary will be opening back up to the public.

At this time, no waivers will need to be signed unless we get a COVID positive patient.

Visitation for Dodge County Hospital effective immediately:

Med Surge
- Rooms 139-160 - (Non-COVID) Visitors are allowed
- Rooms 161-170 - (COVID Patients) 2 designated visitors, only one per day and a waiver must be signed. If they leave, they CANNOT come back nor swap out. Nurse is responsible for getting the names of visitors.

- Non-Covid patients - 2 visitors at a time, they can swap out
- Covid patients - 1 visitor per day, they CANNOT swap out. The patient must give the nurse two names on admission. Only one visitor per day and a waiver must be signed. Once the visitors leave, the visitor CANNOT come back.
- Can only visit during designated visiting hours
End of life, hospice, and doctors orders are taken into consideration
Visitation is subject to change

- ER rooms 1-9 and 11 - 1 visitor at a time, they may swap out. No armband has to be given.

- OR - Regular Visitation Hours. Visitors are required to wear a mask at all times.

New Directions
- No visitors at this time.

Dodge County Hospital is working to keep our patients, staff, and community safe. We appreciate your cooperation during these unprecedented times.

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