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Nurse and doctor in a hurry taking patient to operation theatre.
Nurse and doctor in a hurry taking patient to operation theatre.


The Emergency Department at Dodge County Hospital is open around the clock to treat serious injuries and medical emergencies. A new screening process is in place to decrease overcrowding in the ER as well as the length of time a patient has to wait to be seen. The process will also assist in decreasing the costs incurred in dealing with non-emergency visits. Under the new screening process, a patient will be evaluated by the physician on duty. If a true medical emergency exists, the patient will be treated, stabilized, and then admitted or transferred to another facility as necessary.

Emergency Department Physician and Hospitalist services are contracted with Southland MD, our team represents decades of healthcare industry experience. Founded and led by physicians, we keep patient-centered care at the heart of all we do.

Emergency Physicians are available around-the-clock, seven days a week in the Dodge County Hospital Emergency Department. Hospitalists are also available and work in conjunction with the Emergency Department physicians in admitting patients requiring hospitalization after presenting in the ER.
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