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Excellent Behavioral Healthcare for Seniors

The issues affecting seniors are uniquely challenging, but problems like these are not normal at any age. When an individual's emotional problems become disruptive and significantly affect their ability to care for their personal needs, an increased level of care may become necessary. Allow us to partner with you in making the future brighter for you and your loved one. Hope is just around the corner.

Some issues are too much for an independent caregiver to manage alone. If one or more of the following apply, we can help.
Confusion & disorientation in familiar surroundings
Agitation, impulsivity, hyperactivity
Obsessive compulsive behaviors
Lapses in speech
Difficulty with bathing, grooming & hygiene
Inability to recognize family & friends
Self injurious behaviors
Adjustment issues or difficulty adjusting to life changes

Services Include:

Confidential treatment
Psychiatric & psychosocial assessment
Group, individual and family therapy
Medication management
Therapeutic activities
Coordinating the patient's care with the individual's primary care physician
Discharge planning

Treatment Team

Your treatment team is multi-disciplinary in design to ensure the best possible patient care. Along with the patient, family members, and the family doctor, the team includes:
Psychiatrist * Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Nurse Manager * Social worker
Activities Director * RN, LPN, & CNA

We Can Help

Trained professionals are ready to evaluate your loved one and create an individualized plan of care targeted at an optimum level of improvement for each individual and their unique needs.

" I've never been in a hospital that helped me that much. Every person cared for me and it felt good to know that I meant a lot to someone. During my stay, a heal­ing took place, and that was amazing."
-A.M., former patient of New Directions

New Directions currently accepts Medicare and Medicaid, as well as Medicare Advantage Plans. 55 years and older. Average length of stay is between 7 and 14 days depending on the patient's need and progress. If you have questions or to make a referral, you may call the unit directly at 478-448-4111 or fax information to 478-448-4110.
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